Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Oware 3D FAQs

So I've been asked more than a couple of times when Oware 3D will be out finally, So I thought it would be a good idea to share what's happening and what's the plan for rolling out.

Q. When is Oware 3d coming out?
Oware 3D on IOS

A. Well for starters it is already on the phones of a select few beta testers, so , technically people are already playing it, although it is not officially out yet :-P. The first rollout will be available on the MTN Play store when MTN launches it. So, stay tuned to MTN's social channels for news on that. Other App stores should have it by Mid 2014.

Q. Why has it been in development for so long? I saw pictures of this over 2 years ago.

A. Phones weren't quite ready yet. Most of the android phones that existed when I first ported Oware to android could run it at around 5-20 frames per second- not quite the performance I wanted.Today I get good to excellent performance on most phones - well worth the wait.

Oware 3D on BB 10
Q. What platforms will Oware 3D be On.

A. Oware 3D will be on all major mobile platforms. (Android, IOS, WP8 and BB10). I have had quite a bit of success making sure that it's running on all of the target platforms.

Q. Will it have multiplayer?

A. The current version of Oware 3D supports two player games on the same device. True multiplayer support is still under development. I'm working on a RESTful turn-based game server using the play framework. When this feature is done,you'll be able to play with anyone regardless of the devices being used. This feature will also leverage off the Facebook social APIs to make it even more fun and competitive. Unfortunately I can't  give an ETA on that yet, but I'll try to keep everyone updated on progress.

Oware 3D on Windows Phone 8
Q. Why Oware?

A. It's a Game I enjoyed a very much as child. Unfortunately the current generation of kids (at least in Ghana) aren't playing as many traditional games. I guess in a nutshell, I'm trying to save a tradition that is fading quickly. And the only way I think I can do that is make it available on as many digital platforms as I can.

Q. When can I play it?

A. Soon!
But if you can't wait that long, drop me an email and I'll send you the early access version (Android only).

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Will Autodesk buy Unity?

So unity has risen up the ranks in the last five years since inception 5 years ago. Starting off from its humble beginnings on the Mac as a Game prototyping tool, Unity is now arguably the best middle-ware solution for multi-platform game development. Indies have over the years been drawn to Unity for one main reason: Ease of use. With the release of the feature unity 3, even more developers and artists have grown interested in the platform and have used in designing some pretty cool games.

Autodesk on the other hand has been on a shopping spree for several years now, basically acquiring anything that smells, looks or sounds like 3D. So what makes Unity 3d a likely candidate for yet another acquisition by Autodesk?

Well first of all it looks, sounds and smells like 3D. Secondly it has the tightest integration with Autodesk products like Maya and 3D studio Max. Thirdly, Autodesk has recently made some major acquisitions game development space. First there was the acquisition of Scaleform, a tool for creating UI's for games across many platforms. Then they went for the Beast! light mapping tool which Unity recently included in its 3.0 release. As a matter of fact, the Beast was the most anticipated feature on the 3.0 release. If you're still not convinced just try saying "AUTODESK UNITY" Nothing has sounded better with "Autodesk" since Autocad.

So, if they do buy Unity, what's likely to happen? Well it's widely known that Unity's greatest asset is its User Community! Unity is one of the very few truly 'Usercentric' applications out there. Almost every feature Unity may have been suggested by one user or another. It is a small company so they can also afford to have conversations with the community on blogs. Even the CEO participates :-) If Autodesk acquires it, that's likely to go away. It's going to feel like when Adobe acquired Macromedia; only a lot worse!

The free version is also likely to vanish from the radar simply because Autodesk has all the cred it needs to back it's own Unity. Unity tech on the other hand actually has to build their cred now and hence the free version. There probably will remain a 30 day license for the pro version.

Would Autodesk like to buy? erm yeah... they'll probably make an offer after Unity4 has been released! If they succeed, they get to call the next Major release Autodesk Unity V or simply A.U.V.

Will Unity Tech sell out? Well I think it depends on the nature of the deal. If the core team members continue to work on the product with very little interference from Autodesk then... yes, they'll probably sell out. I mean think about what they could do with Autodesk's money and massive code base?

To conclude, I'd say it's very likely that Autodesk will aqcuire Unity given the terms are flexible and the price is right. Want to hear your views as well so please... post em!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bar camp 2010

So, yeah Guilty as charged. I haven't posted in a while. It's just because projects have been slow. But fear not! Koblavi will return with the next post ASAP!